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Welcome to SHOCKDOGINK the blog. Constructed to blend the creative psyche: Posts will include recommended Art and Music offerings, creative processes and unique content, explorations into philosophy and moral imperatives. Visitors are encouraged to comment if constructive conversation is the goal.
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Scarry Starry

April 6th, 2018|0 Comments

Make me an offer; tell me the plan. Have you seen any of that show Imposters?  A crew of swindlers backs an attractive emotional manipulator; marries wealthy marks and lifts all their assets just before she evaporates and moves out of state. I think the show is cathartic for people because it is our knee-jerk reaction to the end of an important relationship.  "how can this happen to me?" pic credit pttarot Instagram They hurt us, we're sure of it.  Maybe they just don't care, but they are the [...]

Gorgeous and Deluded

January 22nd, 2018|0 Comments

"I am ready" In a sharp button up shirt, in clean shoes with combed hair; I can pull my laptop bag over my shoulder and jostle the camera in its safe case. I go to another First Fridays in the city of Richmond and listen to the potential buyers talk about which one would look good where, listen to established artists laugh about their golf game plans and to young kids looking for an intellectual date or whisper about how fucked up they are. I look at the art, and become immersed in [...]

Seeking Attention and Happy Alone

October 16th, 2017|0 Comments

September had mostly been amazing.  New apartment with nice roomies and dogs; a new studio space which I have already made a terrifying productive mess in.  Digital art and blogging relative silence though; something had to give I have had two moves and big new art productivity shift. I'm excited to begin actual interaction with the world and my artwork.  Marketing, self promotion, these were all obscure terms I was sure my manager would get their 20% for or something.  If you're out there phantom manager check out my art site and hit me [...]

Functional Fixedbless Halucintions

August 8th, 2017|0 Comments

I despaired in my attempt to tell people about the glories of Bananas and Peanuts.  The responses were underwhelmed.  "I like those things separately but not together."  "Where is the bacon?" Someone asked. After watching The OA on Netflix I began putting together the basic movements of their metaphysical body disciplines.  I had consumed some dry red wine  and re-doubled my efforts to seek wisdom in nutritional promotion.  I fell and hit my head. Cradled in her arms I awoke, she said simply: "You idiot.  You lovable weirdo. [...]